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About Me

I asked: “I have no idea what I’m doing, but I want to build something, any suggestions on where should I start from?”, and they gathered a 555 timer, a few passives and a breadboard. I took them home and few hours of research and tinkering I managed to get an LED to blink synchronously using the 555 timer, and wow was I so proud of it. Over the next many months I kept reading, learning, watching videos, and buying more components until I made my first “real” project: a digital distance measuring device using an ultrasonic sensor and a microcontroller.

In 2011, I decided to take this hobby to the next level – study electronics and make a career out of it. And by mid-2012, I did the big move to Canada, applied to Humber College to study Electronics Engineering Technology and graduated with honours in 2015.  In these few years I enjoyed working on so 

many different projects and new concepts. I even put together a small electronics lab in my place (shown in the picture on the right) that allows me to design and analyse circuits semi-professionally.
Electronics has been my passion since the start. I find nothing more satisfying than transforming a mere idea to an actual physical device that you can hold in your hands. Hence my career goal is to become a professional system design engineer and work with experts in the field where I can learn from their expertise as well as contribute to it.

Here is a brief history of how I ended up in this field: Ever since I was a child, I have always been curious about how things work, especially battery powered products, such as toys, gadgets, etc, which I used to call “Kantooya” as a kid — I believe I was trying to say “Computer". Naturally I took everything apart hoping to find out what makes each thing tick, but resulted in destroying almost everything I touched. However, after doing that long enough, I managed to pick up a thing or two, and in my teenage life I was the go-to-guy for my friends and family to fix their broken electronics. 

In 2008 (at age 22), I graduated from university with a computer science degree – since Electronics is not the best career choice in Jordan – and got a job as a web developer for the next 5 years. In those years I was still interested in advancing my electronics hobby, till one day around the year 2009 I decided I wanted to actually build something, so I went to an electronics store and 

I am confident that my motivation, ability to learn fast, and devotion to this field will bring me closer to achieving and surpassing these goals in my career.